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Mousepickle develop apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. Some are created for clients, and some are available to buy directly from the App Store...

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Our current apps:

Ensōma, mindfulness

The Lightbird, animated storybook

Moon Mamba, 3D arcade game

Sea Snake, 3D arcade game

Pip Wangler, 3D puzzle game

Drumball, musical toy

Tinkerball, musical toy

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Apps by Mousepickle

Created for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

Ensōma logo


Relax and focus with a blend of ensō and drawing-based mindfulness.

Find out more about Ensōma.

Lightbird logo

The Lightbird

An original animated storybook for iOS devices, devised and illustrated by children, for children!

Find out more about The Lightbird.

Moon Mamba logo

Moon Mamba

Like our original 3D ‘snake’ game, Sea Snake, but supercharged on steroids. Steer your sprinting Moon Mamba around a tiny enclosure floating above a barren lunar surface. Each satellite he eats makes him longer; how long can he survive without biting his own tail?

Find out more about Moon Mamba.

Sea Snake logo

Sea Snake

At last, an opportunity for you to try the classic ‘snake’ game in true 3D! Send your Sea Snake swimming freely around his undersea realm, eating tasty bubbles, and avoiding biting his own tail by accident...

Find out more about Sea Snake.

Pip Wangler logo

Pip Wangler

Try your hand at this set of unique 3D puzzles. Try to Wangle your Pip from one end of a bendy wire to the other, against the clock, by spinning the whole thing this way and that. Gravity is your friend, but the twists and turns of the wire are not...

Find out more about Pip Wangler.

Tinkerball logo


Imagine a cross between a music box, a wind chime, and a stress ball. You’re probably imagining something like Tinkerball, the fresh way to create ambient soundscapes. Just launch the application and start tinkering, and within moments you’ll be creating your own unique rhythmic sounds...

Find out more about Tinkerball.

Drumball logo


Less tinkering and more beats with this stripped down 3D drum machine. Drag and drop different beat types around the surface of your Drumball, then set it spinning to make them play. Choose a different ‘drum kit’ or metronome theme, then spin the ball faster or slower, or around different axes, to hear the mesmerising rhythms change...

Find out more about Drumball.