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‘Pip Wangler’, is a 3D puzzle game from Mousepickle for iPhone® and iPad®. You can find out more about Pip Wangler, and can buy a copy if you wish, from the App Store...

Link to the App Store where you can buy Pip Wangler

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Pip Wangler

A unique 3D puzzle game for iPhone and iPad...

Pip Wangler sets you slippery 3D puzzles to wrestle with against the clock. Try to Wangle your Pip from one end of a bendy Wangle Wire to the other, as quickly as you can, by spinning the whole thing this way and that. Gravity is your friend, but the twists and turns of the Wire are not!

Screenshot of Pip Wangler on an iPad

Completing each puzzle quickly enough unlocks a fresh one for you to try, and you can try each one in four different Wangle Zones - Earth, Fire, Air and Water - each with a different look and feel.

The trickier zones give you higher scores: The faster the Pip is moving as it slides across new bits of the Wire the faster your score will go up. There’s no penalty for letting the Pip slide the wrong way (back towards the start) but if you do that it’ll take longer, and being quick is the only way to unlock new Wangle Wires...

The basic controls

‘Easy Earth’ is the simplest Zone. The bendy Wangle Wire isn't too slippery, so the Pip won't slide too quickly and catch you out.

‘Frisky Fire’ lets you try the puzzle with a very slippery Wire. The Pip will accelerate rapidly, but if you spin the Wire incautiously (which is easy because the Wire now rotates more freely) you’ll find the Pip isn’t accelerating in the direction you wanted!

‘Turbulent Air’ brings a fresh twist to the puzzle. Now the Wire is only shown in silhouette, and it twitches and sways under your finger as you try to spin it. If you stop trying to spin it, it twitches and sways even more!

Screenshots of Pip Wangler on an iPhone

Finally, ‘Deep Deep Water’ plunges you into a mysterious gloomy world, where only the light from the Pip itself serves to illuminate a blackened Wangle Wire. Spin a complex Wire too fast, and you may find you’re lost!

Link to the App Store where you can buy Pip Wangler

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Version history


Bug fix:

  • Resolved issues with launching the Mousepickle website, or composing emails, on iOS 9


Major overhaul:

  • Rebuilt for use with newer iOS versions and devices
  • Compatible with larger screen sizes
  • Minor bug fixes (eg swapped the green and red illumination of the drifting motes)
  • Now requires iOS 9 or above (previous versions remain compatible with iOS 5.1 and above)


Feature update:

  • Added another new Wangle Wire


Feature update:

  • Added Game Center high score table and achievements
  • Updated for new iOS versions
  • Improvements to appearance on newest devices


Feature update:

  • Relaunch now resumes your most recently attempted Wangle Wire


Feature update:

  • More Wangle Wires added


Feature update:

  • Thumbnail images in level selection
  • ‘Pinch’ to pause


Feature update:

  • More Wangle Wires added


Initial application release

Known issues

None at present.

We’re always keen to hear what you think about our applications. You can send any feedback, comments, or suggestions directly to .