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‘The Lightbird’, is an animated storybook from Mousepickle for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. You can find out more about The Lightbird, and can buy a copy if you wish, from the App Store...

Link to the App Store where you can buy The Lightbird

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The Lightbird

An animated storybook for iOS devices

A fresh story devised and illustrated by children, for children. Be prepared for a unique take on some Christmassy themes in the snowy forests of the far north, with a quirky soundtrack to match.

Santa is woken from a nap, but doesn't stay grumpy for long...

Naughty bears emerge from the woods to cause trouble, but are chased off by the forces of good...

A kind-hearted Elf takes time out from her busy woodworking schedule to nurture a magical bird, and in doing so not only saves Christmas, but indirectly makes the dark forest paths safer for her co-workers during the toy-making seasons to come!

Screenshots of The Lightbird on some iPhones

How to work the app

It couldn’t be much simpler - simply swipe left and right to flick from page to page.

Version history


Initial application release, in time for Christmas 2016

Known issues

None at present.

We’re always keen to hear what you think about our applications. You can send any feedback, comments, or suggestions directly to .