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‘Sea Snake’, is a 3D arcade game from Mousepickle for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. You can find out more about Sea Snake, and can buy a copy if you wish, from the App Store...

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Sea Snake

A 3D twist on a classic game...

Guide your Sea Snake hither and thither around his undersea realm, eating bubbles, getting longer, getting faster. But watch out: If he bites his own tail the game is over!

Screenshot of Sea Snake on an iPhone

With addictive gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and a smooth learning curve, Sea Snake will soon have you hooked. And once you’ve mastered it, you can play with the Slippery Snake and Super Snake that get longer faster, get faster faster, and give you fewer hints as to where the next bubble is to be found!

Basic gameplay:

The basic controls

You can push the Sea Snake in any one of six directions by simply swiping a finger scross the screen. Swipe up to make the Sea Snake rise, and down to make him fall. Swipe diagonally to make him move from side to side and ‘in and out’ of the screen.

As with the classic ‘snake’ game, you’ll find that your Sea Snake can leave the playing area out of one side, and come back in the other. This time, of course, he can also leave and re-enter via the top or bottom as well! To help you keep track of where your Sea Snake is in the playing area, some little indicators appear around the edges. And you’ll see that the Sea Snake casts a helpful shadow.

What about the bubbles that the Sea Snake wants so badly to eat? Bubbles appear in a random position, one at a time. If you eat the bubble quickly you’ll get lots of points, but leave it uneaten and you’ll find that it slowly changes colour. Dimmer bubbles give fewer points, and once the bubble starts flashing red the Sea Snake no longer scores points for merely moving around. When that happens your score isn’t going anywhere until you eat that bubble up!

To help you locate the bubble, and work out how to get the Sea Snake moving towards it as quickly as possible, a light dot appears on the sea bed beneath it. The easy and medium levels of gameplay also give you a ‘hint’ line that extends from the Sea Snake’s head and leads towards the bubble. Once you graduate to the hardest level no such hint is given!

You can pause the game at any point by tapping one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen; amongst other things these allow you to restart the game (at a different difficulty level, if you like), check your progress, and adjust the sound settings.

Advanced features:

Advanced users can look around, and change their point of view, by dragging across the screen with two fingers. This can be a particularly good way of identifying exactly where the bubble is, and of avoiding any unwanted collisions between the Sea Snake’s head and his tail.

Touching and holding on the screen with one finger will accelerate the Sea Snake in a straight line.

You can also pause the game by swiping down the screen with three fingers.

Version history



  • Routine recompilation targeting newer devices and iOS versions.


Bug fix:

  • Resolved occasional loss of background music when switching back to Sea Snake from other apps.


Major overhaul:

  • Removed in-app purchases. All difficulty levels now available straight away!
  • Rebuilt for use with newer iOS versions and devices
  • Compatible with larger screen sizes
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Now requires iOS 9 or above (previous versions remain compatible with iOS 5.1 and above)


Feature update:

  • Speed and difficulty increased still further
  • Improved synchronisation of your offline high scores with the Leaderboards
  • Additional gameplay hints as each game begins
  • Simplified UI for unlocking the harder levels of gameplay
  • Clearer notification if you successfully make that in-app purchase


Feature update:

  • Initial difficulty and speed increased
  • Learning curve steepened; each time you play the game gets faster
  • Press and hold on the screen to accelerate your Sea Snake in a straight line


Bug fix:

  • Resolved some iOS 7 layout and icon rendering issues.


Feature update:

  • Added achievements in Game Center
  • Updated for new iOS versions


Feature update:

  • Added high score support in Game Center.


Feature update:

  • Background music loop has been made more atmospheric.
  • High score and game progress storage is improved.


Feature update:

  • The game starts faster when you seem like an experienced player.
  • There’s clearer on-screen text when you’ve bitten the snake tail.
  • Other on-screen text has been made more friendly.
  • Experienced users will see a link from the About screen to iTunes, to make it easier for them to rate the game.

We’ve corrected some minor issues, too:

  • Smoothing between audio states is improved on iPhones.
  • Popup backgrounds are now drawn more neatly on the iPhone 5.


Feature update:

  • You can now tilt your device (if it has a gyroscope) to move the point of view around a bit.
  • Gameplay is even more fluid, and the bubble-filled deeps are even more immersive!
  • The Sea Snake’s ‘face’ is now slightly pointy, so you can always see which way it’s about to swim, and it’s less likely that you’ll get the head and tail mixed up when things are moving around quickly!

We’ve corrected some minor issues, too:

  • Typos in help screen and total play duration display have been fixed.
  • Audio ducking during gameplay pause used to work on iPad only, but should now work for everyone.


Initial application release

Known issues

None at present.

We’re always keen to hear what you think about our applications. You can send any feedback, comments, or suggestions directly to .