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Welcome to Mousepickle!

We look forward forward to sharing our unique blend of expertise with you, with decades of software development experience, focused on:

  • Resource-constrained devices
  • Bandwidth-constrained platforms
  • Interactive TV and EPGs
  • iOS app development
  • Fixed-odds gaming and gambling
  • IPTV and broadband video players

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Screenshot of The Lightbird on an iPad

The Lightbird

Mousepickle’s most recent app, The Lightbird, is an animated storybook devised and illustrated by children, for children. With an immersive soundtrack, and a unique storyline (featuring naughty bears, grumpy Santa, a kindly Elf, and of course the magical Lightbird itself), The Lightbird is perfect for solo readers aged 6 and above, or for reading with a parent at any age.

Link to the App Store where you can buy The Lightbird

You can read more about The Lightbird, and find brief instructions on how to use it.