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‘Moon Mamba’, is a 3D arcade game from Mousepickle for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. You can find out more about Moon Mamba, and can buy a copy if you wish, from the App Store...

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Moon Mamba

A super-fast 3D twist on a classic game...

Guide your Moon Mamba hither and thither around his lunar prison, eating passing satellites, getting longer, getting faster. But watch out: If he bites his own tail the game is over!

Screenshot of Moon Mamba on an iPhone

Basic gameplay:

You can push the Moon Mamba in any one of six directions by simply swiping a finger scross the screen. Swipe up to make the Moon Mamba rise, and down to make him fall. Swipe diagonally to make him move from side to side and ‘in and out’ of the screen.

As with the classic ‘snake’ game, you’ll find that your Moon Mamba can leave the playing area out of one side, and come back in the other. This time, of course, he can also leave and re-enter via the top or bottom as well! To help you keep track of where your Moon Mamba is in the playing area, some little indicators appear around the edges. And you’ll see that the Moon Mamba casts a helpful shadow.

The basic controls

Pointy satellites appear in a random position, one at a time. If you eat a satellite quickly you’ll get lots of points, but leave it uneaten and you’ll find that it slowly changes colour. Dimmer satellites give fewer points, and once they start flashing red the Moon Mamba no longer scores points for merely moving around. When that happens your score isn’t going anywhere until you eat that satellite all up!

To help you locate the satellite, and work out how to get the Moon Mamba moving towards it as quickly as possible, a light dot appears on the desolate rocky surface beneath it. When you first start to play, you will also see a dotted line that extends from the Moon Mamba’s head and leads towards the satellite. As the game progresses this gets fainter, and then disappears completely!

You can look around the playing area, and change your point of view, by dragging across the screen with two fingers. This can be a particularly good way of identifying exactly where a satellite is, and of avoiding any unwanted collisions between the Moon Mamba’s head and his tail.

You can pause the game at any point by tapping the pause button at the bottom of the screen, or by swiping down the screen with three fingers.

Version history



  • Re-released targeting newer iOS versions


Feature update:

  • Portuguese / portugu√™s localisation
  • Smoother changes in background music when entering and leaving the game


Major overhaul:

  • Removed in-game advertising!
  • Rebuilt for use with newer iOS versions and devices
  • Compatible with larger screen sizes
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Now requires iOS 9 or above (previous versions remain compatible with iOS 5.1 and above)


Feature update:

  • French / Français localisation


Feature update:

  • The markers on the edge of the playing area, hinting at the position of the Moon Mamba, are now much clearer

Bug fix:

  • A minor stability improvement, around navigation away from gameplay


Bug fix:

  • Improved stability when Home key is pressed during a scene transition


Feature update:

  • Updated sound effects and background music
  • Better synchronisation of high scores achieved whilst offline


Initial application release

Known issues

  • None at present.

No others at present.

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