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What news from Mousepickle? WeddingPath, one of the UK’s leading wedding planning web sites, has deployed a Flash-based seating planner that was a bespoke development...

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WeddingPath site update

In October 2009, wedding planning experts WeddingPath released an updated version of their popular online wedding planning site. One of the biggest new features was a new drag-and drop seating planner, giving couples a simple way of resolving one of the biggest headaches in organising a wedding day.

The seating planner is integrated with the core of the WeddingPath site, with a list of guests automatically populated. Users then drag guests, tables, and other items onto a scrolling canvas that represents that room where their reception or party is to be held. Although it’s simple to get started with the tool, it provides some sophisticated features to help couples seat guests appropriately; for example, different views on the guest list allow guests with special seating requirements to be quickly identified, or allow ‘singles’ to be picked out and strategically sat near each other!

At the client’s request, the planner was developed such that it could be used by customers with Flash Player 8 or above. Mousepickle then ensured that the finished Flash movie was ‘forwards compatible’, meaning that cutomers with newer versions of Flash Player installed can make use of the full-screen mode that was introduced with Player 9.

Over a six-month period Mousepickle worked closely with the technical team at WeddingPath to ensure that the evolving functionality of the seating planner was always aligned with the overall objectives of the site revamp; Messaging protocols for initialising the planner, and for saving and loading completed seating plans, were developed in tandem with the new server-side code.

WeddingPath are one of the leading online wedding planning sites, helping thousands of couples to manage the run-up to their big day. Most of the features on their site are free to use, and they have made available a trial version of the seating planner tool.