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Chain Reactors rides high!

Summer 2009, and it’s been nine months since Sky Vegas launched their interactive TV version of the ‘Chain Reactors’ game. How has the game been received by the Sky Vegas punters?

To answer that question you’ve only got to see that it’s still riding high on the list of games presented when you launch the Sky Vegas portal under Sky’s Interactive button. Other games like ‘Juicy Jackpot’ and ‘Bar X 5’ have come and gone, but the cutesy animation and fiendish near-miss combinations of ‘Chain Reactors’ trump all.

How long will it be before it’s knocked off the number one spot, maybe by ‘Chain Reactors 100’? Watch this space!

You can play the web version of the game for free on several gaming sites (including Sky Vegas, and BetFair), which is also testament to a great game format.