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Resources: Baseband settings

It’s useful to have these settings to hand in case they get corrupted by stray STB remote button presses, while you’re using a different set-top box, or when working in a crowded office environment.

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OpenTV baseband STB settings

Don’t forget that the network id has to match the value used in an SI information you’re going to send to the STB to kick start it. For SI information used by developers at Sky the correct value may well be 00002.

network id00001
symbol rate27.500
fec inner2/3
lnb freq10.000

When you subsequently ‘start’ your baseband STB, you should then see debug similar to the following:

Saving data to config file...
Using DVB/SI Stream Connection
Network ID         = 1
Target Frequency   = 11.070GHz
Symbol Rate        = 27.500Msymbols
FEC inner          = 2/3
LNB Frequency      = 10.000GHz
RF output channel number = 68
SUCCESS: SDK driver control : Set Format to 1, 0, 0, 1
BANNER APP: Using Network_id = 1
MANTUNE: Starting...
MANTUNE: Found 1 demodulators:
         [0] - type 0x0100
MANTUNE: Configuring LNB data...
MANTUNE: Configuring Scan Mode data...
MANTUNE: Requesting message focus...
MANTUNE: Starting Scan Request...
MANTUNE: Waiting for Scan response...
MANTUNE: Demodulator locked...
Finding a network with network id of 1

The settings that you applied earlier will be reflected here. When you then play out a PSI file, in preparation for playing out your mux of development content, you should see something like this:

New version of handle
BANNER APP: Received message saying new NIT
Nit handle = 1
Number of entries in TS list = 0
State of handle 1 is O_DVB_OBJECT_NEW_VERSION
Nit handle is available (or has new version) and has 1 items
Inserting onid 1, tsid 4600, in ts list
BANNER APP: calling O_svl_manage
New version of handle
BANNER APP: Received message saying new ASTRA service list
MANTUNE: Unlocking Scan...
FAIL: Could not Unlock demodulator
MANTUNE: Releasing message focus...
New version of the SVL available
BANNER APP: Connecting to "otv.0
BANNER APP: SVL handle state is 4
BANNER APP: Number of services in new service list = 2